EUGLOH Annual Student Research Conference 2020

Global Health Challenges: Diseases of Modern Life

What can you expect?

Annual Research Student Conference is announced for all levels of students (from BSc to PhD) mentored by academic staff. Students are expected from all faculties to present their own scientific work as oral or electronic poster presentation. The conference program also includes plenary talks by expert scientists of the EUGLOH member universities.

Conference date: 28-30 September 2020
Abstract submission deadline: 7 September 2020

What conference topics are covered?

icons Presentations cover the students’ own work in all aspects of multidisciplinary sciences, with a primary focus on Global Health and Diseases of Modern life:
- Ageing and dementia as a global health challenge
- Antimicrobial resistance
- Cancer screening and care
- Cardiovascular diseases
- COVID-19 pandemic
- Environmental challenges related to water and food contamination
- Global warming and climate change, and related global health problems
- Health challenges related to population displacement
- Health effects of air pollution
- High-threat pathogens
- New epidemics
- Noncommunicable and pandemic diseases
- Psychological and mental disorders
- Respiratory diseases
- Vaccine hesitancy
- Other global health challenges

The abstract submission deadline has passed!

The abstract should contain the following parts: Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusions. The word count can not exceed 250 words (excluding the names of authors and supervisors, affiliations and title). No more than 3 authors and 3 supervisors are allowed.